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Question   Just wanted to say "Hi"
Enjoyed the gallery. Am placing you in my "favorites", so I can visit often. Thanks for sharing.

- Burl G. Anderson February 24, 2004

  Answer Hi Burl, thanks for stopping by! I'm humbled by your comments! A website can't get higher praise than someone bookmarking it! I'm really thrilled you enjoy it, and I look forward to seeing more of YOUR work at!

- Eric Highfield  February 24, 2004

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Question   Great Photos
I saw your link to BP's Q&A Forum, and thought I'd check out your site.
You have some great stuff here! Good luck and best wishes.

-  February 24, 2004

  Answer Hi Bob, thanks so much for visiting! It's always elevating to get such positive feedback from fellow photographers. Thanks for the comments and well wishes. It means a lot!

- Eric Highfield  February 24, 2004

  Answer Eric, Again I am visiting your gallery. It is just stunning!! I admire your work so much.

- Kathleen R. Struckle  December 13, 2004

  Answer Thanks, Kathleen! It's always a pleasure to find out that you've been visiting! I'm flattered by your comment. It's much appreciated!

- Eric Highfield  December 13, 2004

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Question   quality of work on showcase
Hey Eric,Sandra,
Really nice work keep it up!

-  February 22, 2004

  Answer Hi Leo, thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you liked our site. I hope you enjoyed your photocard!.

- Eric Highfield  February 23, 2004

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Question   Awesome!
You have a great collection! I greatly enjoyed viewing all the work! I was woundering if I could add your link to my collection of links?

-  February 21, 2004

  Answer Hi Dustin, thanks for your generous comments, and we'd be flattered to be added to your collection of Links! I greatly enjoyed visiting both of your sites. You certainly are a man of many talents in your photographic and visual art works, both are which are absolutely STUNNING! Thanks so much for visiting StoneHorse Studios!

- Eric Highfield  February 21, 2004

  Answer I suppose that sonuds and smells just about right.

- Latricia Latricia  July 01, 2011

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Question   Your site
Eric & Sandra,
The site looks great! I enjoy all of your work and especially love the 'Fun with Flamingos' series.


- Ellen Peach February 20, 2004

  Answer Ellen, Thanks so much for visiting and the comments! I've really admired your work, and I can always expect an inspiring photo when I see the "~" on either side of the title, and the name Ellen Peach below. "Pin Wheel" remains one of my all time favourite Abstracts...and I still visit it often. Thanks again for stopping by, and I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!

- Eric Highfield  February 21, 2004

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Question   Hello Eric and Sandra,
I've spent some time perusing your gallery and thoroughly enjoying your beautiful photos. You have quite a variety of subjects/themes. My favorite is your Birds; but, it's obvious that your talents stretch well beyond that subject.

Keep the pics coming!

- Beverly J. Speed February 17, 2004

  Answer Thanks for visiting StoneHorse Studios, Beverly! We'll keep them coming, I promise. If you have a website or plan to get one, send me an e-mail with the address when it's available. Unfortunately we don't have the know-how or the equipment for underwater photography, so I really love living it through your photos!

- Eric Highfield  February 18, 2004

  Answer Man this is some serious bulk of work

- Leigh A. Norrie  March 06, 2004

  Answer Thanks so much, Leigh! I'm glad you've stopped by. I enjoy viewing your photographic works of the Japanese landscape and culture! Japan is a place I've always wanted to visit, and your photos strengthen that desire more so. Thanks so much for Visiting StoneHorse Studios!

- Eric Highfield  March 06, 2004

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Question   Great pictures
Hi Eric, Mark here. Great pictures, you and Sandra are very talented.

-  December 25, 2003

  Answer Hi Mark, your comments are much appreciated. Thanks for stopping by!

- Eric Highfield  December 27, 2003

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Question   buteeeflys ask lenses?
hello my questions is for the photograf ho make the buterflys photos, seriers, whic lens has used and camera, I think NIkon d 100?...thansk luis Jorge Perera Campos.

-  December 19, 2003

  Answer Hi Luis, thanks for posting. You are correct...most of the current butterfly photos were shot with a Nikon D100 digital camera, but I also use a Nikon F90X film camera (have not gotten around to scanning those one yet). The lens I use for the current pictures posted was a Sigma 28mm-200mm Macro lens. I've done many butterfly shots since then with a Nikkor Micro 105mm lens, which does an outstanding job, but also costs a lot more then the Sigma. I'll be posting those ones in the near future, so you’ll be able to inspect the results for yourself. Thank you for visiting StoneHorse Studios!

- Eric Highfield  December 22, 2003

  Answer Ppl like you get all the biarns. I just get to say thanks for he answer.

- Shirl Shirl  July 01, 2011

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