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from Maryam S. "Hi"

I found your link in your comment about one of my pictures("Red") in BP's site and by the way, thank you! And I came to visit your site. I really enjoyed your gallery and my favorite is "Autumn in Ontario". I love colors of fall and your pictures are really beautiful!

Best wishes, Previous Response:
from Eric Highfield
on March 07, 2004
 Hi Maryam!, thanks so much for your generous comment! Autumn is our favourite time of year, and we make a trip up north just for the fall leaves every year! I hope you check back again soon, as that Gallery is the one I am currently in process of updating, and should have another 20 or more images to add! Thank you so much for visiting! Previous Response:
from Maryam S.
on March 09, 2004
 Hi again! Your new pictures in the "Autumn in ontario" Gallery are fantastic and so colorful! Very beautiful! Previous Response:
from Eric Highfield
on March 11, 2004
 Thanks again, Maryam! I'm so glad you've enjoyed our site! Previous Response:
on September 19, 2005
 I really liked your "Autumn in ontario" gallery – great work!

Philip Pankov
Pictures of Ireland - Fine Art Black & White Photography of Ireland 

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