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from  Great Work!

Just wanted to say I really like the new Feature Gallery - "Primates - Expressions of Us in Them" There are also a number of photographs in your other gallery subsections that I am particularly fond of including "Great Indian Rhinoceros", "Fallen Branches", "Whence He Came", "Cerulean Panthera", "Devine View", "Post-Atomic Stress Disorder", and a couple of untitled pieces. It's inspiring to see such dedication. Keep up the great work! Previous Response:
from Eric Highfield
on January 13, 2005
 Thanks, Karen. Your comments certainly mean a lot! I'm glad you're enjoying the Featured Gallery as well as the other images mentioned. Some of them are my personal favourites as well. I apologize for the images without titles. Many of the galleries are under maintenance and once the final inclusions are decided, all images will be titled. Thanks for visiting!  

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